New Jersey's State Police say they are ready to assist Boston any way they can in the aftermath of this week's attack.

William Thomas Cain, Getty Images

State Police Spokesman Lt. Steven Jones says at this point, fresh into the investigation into who is responsible for the bombings, Boston and Massachusetts law enforcement officials are going full-tilt, around the clock.

He says as they continue working and guarding what is obviously a very large crime scene, they may need relief at some point.

"We had a real generous compliment of troopers from out-of-state come in and help us to maintain security down at the shore region after Sandy."

Also, it is not uncommon for New Jersey to lend a hand out west when forest fires prove to be too much for local firefighters in a certain state or region. Many utilities from state-to-state also share resources for power restoration assistance.

Jones says so far, Massachusetts has not asked for help from states who have offered, including several of their neighbors. But Jersey is ready to go, if needed.