Have you noticed it?

From left to right: NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Gubernatorial Candidate Sen. Barbara Buono

This year's race for Governor has become a non-race because incumbent Chris Christie is very popular, and neither candidate is really talking much about the number one issue in the Garden State - property taxes.

"If Barbara Buono had started talking about property taxes, she might have been able to catch a little bit of fire, might have been able to raise a little more money and might be looking at a different race right now," says the Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Patrick Murray.

"The fact that the Buono campaign has totally missed that speaks to a real lack of understanding of the New Jersey Electorate and the strategy they needed to take in order to catch fire when they were an underdog."

Murray points out "usually you get one or two issues that really are at the top of the list, whether it's property taxes or toll hikes or auto insurance, but basically Chris Christie is running on his record and his popularity, and Barbara Buono is running on all sorts of things to appeal to her base, but she hasn't focused on one or two issues."

He adds in all likelihood the race is already over, although the election doesn't take place for another month.

Murray believe Buono would have to do something dramatic to change the dynamic of the race, but even then it's probably too late to have any real impact on the race.