Asbury Park boardwalk on Sunday (Joe Palmer, Townsquare Media NJ)

The long Memorial Day weekend came to a rainy close as heavy rain that started on Sunday night continued into Monday.

The rain also canceled or affected plans for several Memorial Day activities Monday.

"Part of New Jersey picked up over 2.5 inches overnight, thanks to a river of tropical moisture extending all the way from Tropical Depression Bonnie to the Garden State. While it may not rain all day long in any particular location, it will be raining somewhere in the state through at least sunset," WPG meteorologist Zarrow said.

The heavy rain caused some flooding on the northbound Garden State Parkway through Aberdeen on Monday morning as two of the local lanes had high standing water.

"Never attempt to walk, drive, or swim through flooded areas," Zarrow said of roads that may become covered in water, especially those roads prone to flooding.

A dense fog advisory was also issued along the coast for visibilities of less that a mile. Some coastal areas were socked in with fog on Sunday morning as tropical air raised the dewpoint.

"Fog happens when the temperature meets the dew point (a measure of moisture in the atmosphere, that represents the temperature at which water vapor will condense into water droplets). So there are two options for fog to form: the temperature can cool to meet the dew point (most typical), or the dew point can rise to meet the temperature (what happened on Sunday)," Zarrow said.

Many New Jersey communities cancelled or moved their Memorial Day ceremonies because of the rain.

Bonnie will impact New Jersey's weather for the rest of  the week.

"The center of Bonnie is expected to pass several hundred miles east of New Jersey. Even on the outskirts of the storm, however, some rain, wind, and coastal impacts will be possible," Zarrow said.

The depression's maximum sustained winds early Monday are near 30 mph with little change in strength forecast.

The National Hurricane Center says the system's center made landfall just east of Charleston, South Carolina, on the Isle of Palms around 8:30 a.m. Sunday. By the afternoon, forecasters said it had stalled just northwest of Charleston, with heavy rains wrapping around north and west of the storm's center.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Expected path of Bonnie (NHC)

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