The big melt continues with temperatures well above freezing, with a few chances of rain and snow showers in the coming days.

Here are your weather headlines for Tuesday, January 26, 2016...

A Few Showers

Tuesday looks mostly quiet across New Jersey, as the blizzard cleanup continues.

As clouds increase today from partly to mostly cloudy, a few isolated showers will be possible - mainly in the northern part of the state, and mainly this afternoon. The rise in cloud cover shouldn't affect temperatures though, as we climb to about 40 degrees in North Jersey and about 50 degrees in South Jersey today. Not bad at all!

GFS model precipitation forecast for early Wednesday morning, suggesting light rain will fall across much of New Jersey. (WeatherBell Analytics)

Tonight, a weak cold front will push across New Jersey. While atmospheric moisture is limited, we could see a few showers stream through the state overnight through early Wednesday morning. The best chance for rain will be South Jersey and along the coast, where dew points will be just a little bit more conducive to precipitation.

Most of what falls from the sky will be rain, and pretty light at that. As temperatures fall to right around the freezing mark for part of the state, there's a chance for few snowflakes too... but I'm not worried about any precipitation.

My only concern - and it's still not a big one - is that there could be some light icing Wednesday morning, as a result of the rain and subsequent freezing temperatures. We've been "watching our step" and "taking it easy on the roads" all week long, so it won't be a huge change in routine at all.

More Quiet Melt Weather

Beyond the front, temperatures chill out a bit from Tuesday's near-50 degree weather... But we're looking quiet and mild through the weekend. High temperatures on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are expected to reach around the 40 degree mark. That's right on the normal high temp for late January. And the combination of above-freezing temperatures and mixed sunshine will contribute to more snowmelt.

Stuck in the Middle with You

GFS model wind/pressure forecast for early Friday morning, showing one storm system missing to the north and another larger system pushing further out to sea. (WeatherBell Analytics)

In yesterday's forecast blog, I mentioned a late-week coastal storm that was a little too close to the Jersey Shore for comfort. The Euro model even went so far as to put a couple inches of snow over the Jersey Shore. However, successive runs of all major models - including the Euro - have pushed the system further east and out to sea. Another clipper-type system will pass north of New Jersey on Friday. So it's a New Jersey sandwich! But it's really looking like we'll avoid any bad weather through this weekend.

In fact, models suggest our next storm won't come until Wednesday 2/3 at the earlier. And that's so far out, it's not even worth trying to decipher potential impacts at this time.

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