This week marks a year since Wildwood banned saggy pants on the boardwalk, and everyone appears to be conforming to the dress code.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Not one ticket has been issued since July 9 of last year. Under the ban, those with pants settling below the waist would be subject to a $25 fine, and the penalties increase for repeat offenders.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano said cops on the boardwalk aren't hunting for violators, and if the issue presents itself, cops will ask that the pants be pulled up to normal height.

"There's been zero problems," Troiano said. "We're respectful to them, and in turn, they've been respectful to us."

The ban reportedly began in response to complaints from visitors who were offended by "obnoxious attire" and refused to return to the resort town.

Troiano noted the problem isn't being encountered as much as in the past. He said hopefully "the word's gotten out," or the style is disappearing.

"It's not something, I think, that's flattering to anybody or helpful to anybody," Troiano said.

A councilman in Point Pleasant Beach is also considering introducing an ordinance to ban saggy pants in public.