Gov. Chris Christie struck a more subdued tone this weekend over allowing foreigners into into the United States on visas than he has about accepting them as refugees.

A fiance visa program allowed Tashfeen Mali, named as one of the shooters in the terror attack on a social services center in San Bernardino, Calif., entrance into the United States.

During a Saturday campaign appearance in Iowa Christie said, "Listen, I don't think you take one incident and from one incident necessarily create a policy," according to NJ Advance Media.

He said the program should be looked at by law enforcement and intelligence experts who would advise the president on a course of action. Existing policy "might work, it might not work," Christie said.

After it was revealed that one of the ISIS members involved with the Nov. 13  massacre in Paris had a passport appearing to belong to a Syrian refugee, Christie said he's against allowing Syrian refugees into the country, even saying orphans under 5 should not be permitted.

Christie later softened his stance and said he'd be willing to reconsider his approach to the refugees — if FBI Director James Comey could convince him the vetting process is thorough.