He's headed back home from the G-20 summit in Russia, but President Barack Obama will have little time to rest up from his overseas trip.


President Barack Obama (Sergey Guneev/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images)

He's planning an address to the American people Tuesday night, in which he'll try to get support for a U.S. military strike on Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack last month.

Obama conceded today that he might not convince a majority of Americans that a military strike is the right move. But he says it's still up to members of Congress to decide. He's not saying whether he'd go ahead with an attack if Congress votes no.

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner says Obama is going to have to make a convincing case Tuesday night.

Surveys have shown a significant number of House Republicans and Democrats opposed to military action or leaning against it -- but officials in the leadership say it's premature to say the resolution can't be approved. At this stage, just a third of the House and Senate members have been given classified briefings.

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