He has been there so long and done such as good job, it's hard to imagine Ocean City without the promotions guidance of Mark Soifer.

Soifer has announced he plans to retire as Ocean City's Public Relations Director later this year after an amazing 45 years in the position.

Although I don't know Mark personally, I've always admired his energy, creativity, and all of those truly wacky and inspired promotions for Ocean City.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian summed up Soifer's importance in his weekly letter on the city's website:

"Mark Soifer, our long-time public relations director, has announced that he will retire at the end of the year after a career of more than 45 years. His legacy will always be an important part of life in Ocean City.

Mark brought events such as First Night and the Doo Dah Parade to Ocean City, sustained traditions like the Baby Parade and Night in Venice and created an array of unique family-oriented activities for the city. His career has always been defined by his unwavering dedication to “America’s Greatest Family Resort” and his unrelenting sense of humor.

We’ll fully honor Mark later in the year, but I encourage you all to stop and thank him as he continues to lead us all through one more year of parading, plunging, plopping, snoring, sculpting taffy, cheering for crustaceans and other antics."

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