Samples of last year's PARCC tests given to students along with actual answers to essay questions on the test will be released by the New Jersey Dept. of Education. reports the samples, taken from all the versions of the test administered during the 2014-15 school year, will be released on October 23 in preparation for this year's tests. Test scores will also be released on a date to be announced.

Parents and teachers have asked to see last year's test so they can better prepare for this year

The controversial test was given last winter and spring to students in grades three through 11. Many parents and teachers complained about the tests because of class time given to preparing for the test and concern over the computers required to take the test not being ready.

Several parents across the state also opted their children out of taking the test, and were met with varying responses. Some districts enforced state rules requiring all students to take student assessment tests while others created alternate activities.

At a legislative hearing in March, Education Commissioner David Hespe said school districts have been dealing with “parental refusal for decades.” He said that is why there is not a statewide policy on how districts should respond to people who do.

The education department is currently reviewing how districts handled kids who opted out and will offer suggestions once the review is completed.

Federal rules allow the U.S. Dept. of Education to withhold funds a district fails to have a 95 percent participation rate in standardized tests, like PARCC. New Jersey currently receives more than $900 million in federal aid.

Kevin McArdle contributed to this report