New air quality tests at the site of the Paulsboro train derailment are again at safe levels and the shelter-in-place order has been lifted.

Kathleen Moore of the US Coast Guard (WPVI TV)

Kathleen Moore of the US Coast Guard earlier on Monday morning said residents should "shelter in place" by keeping  their doors & windows closed after an air quality test showed the air at unsafe levels.

A shelter has been set up in Paulsboro for residents. Residents in a 12-block area who were evacuated on Friday night are still being told they will not be allowed until Saturday.

Moore says that it has not yet been determined whether the chemicals are coming from the breached tanker or the tankers still in the water. "We are not certain what is causing heightened levels," said Moore.

No clean up or investigation activity  the derailment site as a result of this condition.

Officials had warned that levels could spike as they begin to move tanker cars which still contain toxic chemicals.

Residents who had been evacuated on Friday night when the level of chemicals spiked were told Sunday night that they should expect to be out of their homes until at least Saturday.

Some residents complained that they learned from the media that they would be away from their homes for an extended period of time. " They put us here. And they couldn't send somebody here to tell us before the news guys came around?" Scott McFarland asked on WPVI TV.

This will likely delay efforts to remove the chemicals and cars from the area and for NTSB investigators to inspect the train and bridge.