An Atlantic City police officer shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked a group of teenagers and then came at her cruiser.

Police say they received a call about a loose pit bull chasing a group of teens in the 500 block of North Connecticut Avenue on Saturday afternoon. The pit bull was put behind a gate but later jumped the gate and continued to chase the teens.

According to a press release, when police arrived they arrested one of the teens, a 15 year old male, whose pants and shirt were ripped by the dog, for possession of a handgun inside his jacket. The teen, who was also limping, asked to be put in the patrol car for fear the pit bull would attack him again.

While placing the teen in the car, Officer Michelle Graham heard the pit bull's claws on the sidewalk coming at them. She fired her gun at the dog, wounding it. The injured pit bull circled the patrol car and came at the officer again. Graham grabbed the teen's guns and fired again, killing the dog.

Atlantic City Police did not say who owned the dog.

The teen was taken to AtlantiCare for minor injuries and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

Police ask anyone who witnessed the incident to call at 609-347-5766.