Gov. Chris Christie's job approval rating has dipped a bit, according to a new Monmouth University-Asbury Park Press poll released Wednesday.

Gov. Chris Christie (Andrew Burton, Getty Images)

The poll suggests the drop may be linked to Christie's out-of-state trips and his potential 2016 presidential run.

"Right now, Gov. Christie's job rating stands at 46 percent approve to 39 percent disapprove among all residents, and 46 percent to 42 percent among registered voters," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. "This marks a decline from the ratings he got just back in June which was at 50 percent positive among all New Jerseyans and 49 percent among registered voters."

Fifteen percent of Garden State residents have no opinion of the governor. In earlier polls, the percentage was between 6 percent and 9 percent.

"We're entering a period of uncertainty right now with the governor where his numbers aren't as strong as they had been even before Superstorm Sandy when they went through the roof," Murray said.

Almost 39 percent said Christie's out-of-state travels and his possible 2016 run for the White House have made him a less effective governor. Fifty-six percent believe Christie is more focused on his own political future than he is with governing New Jersey.

The poll also asked New Jersey residents their thoughts on the Bridgegate scandal, the health of the state's pension system and the Legislature.

Recently the governor called on the Select Committee on Investigation to end its probe of the so-called Bridgegate scandal. The Democratic co-chairs of the panel said they still have a lot of work to do.

"Sixty percent of New Jerseyans say that Christie has not been completely honest about what he knows about Bridgegate, but at the same time 59 percent say the committee that's investigating this should wrap up their work right now versus 34 percent who say it makes sense to continue with the inquiry," Murray said.

As you might have expected, 85 percent of Republicans support ending the probe into the GOP governor. Perhaps surprisingly a large percentage of Democrats also feel that way.

"Democrats themselves are divided on whether it makes sense to go forward. Forty-six percent say it's worth pursuing the investigation versus 46 percent who say the Legislature should shut it down now," Murray explained.

The governor has talked a lot recently about the need to further reform the state's public employees' pension and health benefits system. He convened a special panel to examine the issue. Just 14 percent of New Jersey residents think the pension system's costs have been wisely managed and 66 percent said they have spiraled out of control. Less than 38 percent said the governor is primarily to blame while 50 percent pointed their finger at lawmakers.

Approval numbers are upside down for the Legislature in this survey. Only 36 percent approve while 43 percent disapprove among all residents and 35 percent approve to 46 percent disapprove among registered voters.