A power outage closed down the rides at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson on Sunday afternoon.

A section of Six Flags Great Adventure is roped off after a power outage.(Sue Moll, Townsquare Media NJ)

Spokesperson Kaitlyn Turi said in an email the park had a power outage early on Sunday afternoon and that riders were "safely unloaded from the affected rides within 20 minutes."

As of 3 p.m. Turi said power has been restored to portions of the park and "following a safety check some rides have begun to resume normal operations."

Jersey Central Power and Light is at the park "assessing the source of the outage," writes Turi. A faulty transformer was being blamed according to ABC 7.

Roller coaster stuck on the tracks at Six Flags Great Adventure after a power outage. Riders were able to walk back to the park. (Sue Moll, Townsquare Media NJ)

Townsquare Media's Sue Moll, who was inside the park with her daughter at the time of the outage said there food service was stopped along with the rides and described the park as "packed." She said that customers were very unhappy at the outage but did not take out their frustration on the park or cause damage but did want refunds.

Moll said one roller coaster stopped on the tracks and riders had to walk back to the park.

Traffic on Route 537 was heavy leaving the park according to New Jersey Fast Traffic as many apparently decided not to wait out the outage. An accident that closed Interstate 195 westbound caused further traffic issues as traffic backed right up into the parking lots.

A late afternoon concert by Sabrina Carpenter of the Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" was cancelled because of the outage. However, Turi says Carpenter did a meet-and-greet with the 2,000 fans who were waiting in line for the show.