If you get caught up in a situation such as the Boston Marathon bombings, what's the best advice for protecting yourself and those with you?

Alex Trautwig, Getty Images

"You've got to try to keep your wits about you to use that old cliche. That is going to be your saving grace," New Jersey survival expert Tom Brown explains.

Brown runs a school that trains citizens, police and military personnel.

He concedes random violence like the Boston attacks are hard to anticipate. But, if and when it happens, don't panic.

Brown says when attending a big event like a marathon, forget about, "minding your own business." Brown advises that you stay very aware of who and what is going on around you, so you can detect something or someone that does not seem right.

Brown says if a bomb detonates, stay down, make yourself a hard target and consider your best and quickest exit from the area. He says following the crowd in this situation may not be the best policy.