Rachel Canning has dropped the lawsuit she brought against her parents.

Rachel Canning in court (CBS New York)

In a statement issued by Morris County Family Division Judge Peter Bogaard, who heard the initial case, Rachel and her parents Sean and Elizabeth appeared in court with their respective attorneys on Tuesday morning as Rachel made known her intention to dismiss the case. Bogaard noted the decision was a "knowing and voluntary" decision.

Last week Sean and Elizabeth's attorney Angelo Sarno announced that Rachel returned to her parents Lincoln Park home and asked for privacy for the family. "“There is a long road ahead. The healing needs to begin."  During a press conference, Sarno said that lawsuit was still pending but the matter is over “on a different level than legally.”

In a case that made worldwide headlines, Canning brought the lawsuit against her parents asking the court to force them to pay child support, her tuition at Morris Catholic High School, future college tuition and her legal fees, despite the fact she had moved out of the house in a dispute over following the rules of the Canning home.

Bogaard ruled against immediately forcing Rachel Canning‘s parents to pay her $650 weekly child support and pay for her remaining year of high school tuition.  He scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require her parents to pay for Canning’s college tuition.


Dino Flammia and the Associated Press contributed to this report.