A brief shot of wet weather will make for a grey, cooler Tuesday but the forecast for the rest of the week looks great.

Here are your weather headlines for Tuesday, May 17, 2016...

A Rainy Tuesday

HRRR model precipitation forecast for early Tuesday afternoon. (College of DuPage Meteorology)

A storm system is barreling toward New Jersey, and will affect at least part of the state on Tuesday. The further south you are in the Garden State, the better the chance for some steady or heavy rain. Here's the approximate rain timeline:
--6 a.m. Tuesday: Skies become mostly cloudy to overcast statewide
--8 a.m. Tuesday: Sprinkles arrive across New Jersey
--10 a.m. Tuesday: Steadier showers arrive in the southwest corner of the state
--Noon Tuesday: Everyone in New Jersey prone to see showers
--2 p.m. Tuesday: While showers begin to taper off in North Jersey, rain intensity could pick up (steady to heavy) in South Jersey
--6 p.m. Tuesday: Rain tapering in Central and South Jersey
--Tuesday night: Lingering showers possible
--Wednesday: Can't rule out a stray shower

It's not a washout, and rain totals will be mostly on the light side. (Especially in North Jersey - above I-78 may see little to no rain at all.) If you happen to see a band of steadier or heavier rain on Tuesday afternoon, your day will be considerably wetter. I would carry an umbrella or rain jacket, just in case.

Meanwhile, the rain and the clouds will keep temperatures cool. North Jersey will be the warm spot of the day, in the upper 60s. South Jersey will be limited to the lower 60s at best.

Clearing Skies, Warming Temps

On Wednesday, skies should be clearing considerably across New Jersey, becoming partly sunny (or even mostly sunny). While I can't rule out an isolated shower on Wednesday, the extra sunshine and a transition to southerly winds will allow temperatures to moderate. Highs should climb to around the 70 degree mark by Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday and Friday look even better, with partly to mostly sunny skies, light winds, and dry weather in the forecast. Highs on Thursday should hover around 70 degrees once again. Friday looks like the warmest day of the week, with highs in the lower to maybe mid 70s.

Next Rain Chance: Saturday

Our next storm system unfortunately looks to impact the upcoming weekend - the last weekend before Memorial Day Weekend! Current timing of the raindrops here in New Jersey look to last from late Saturday morning through Saturday night, with the heaviest rain expected around the Saturday early evening hours.

Keep in mind, however - this forecast is volatile and confidence is lower than usual. Since yesterday morning's forecast, we've seen a pretty dramatic shift in temperatures and precipitation for the middle to late part of the week. And things can certainly shift back again. As always, we'll call the forecast as we see it, and bring you the latest information and insight as they become available!

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