Friday will be mostly wet, with one last round of steady rain for most of the day, but big improvements are in the forecast for the weekend.

Here are your weather headlines for Friday, May 6, 2016...

Friday Washout

It is already raining as of this writing, with bands of moderate to heavy rain affecting New Jersey through the morning commute. It's really going to be a wet and sloppy start to the day, with the potential for some drier weather Friday afternoon and especially for the weekend. Raincoats and umbrellas - you know the drill by now.

Bands of steady rain will continue pushing from east to west across the Garden state through early to mid afternoon. Rumbles of thunder and even small hail will be possible along the way, given some elevated instability.

Because of the wet weather and the thick clouds, temperatures will only rise a few degrees as the day goes on. Highs are forecast to only reach the lower to mid 50s. It's similar to several of the past few dreary days, and about 15 degrees below normal for early May.

One more important note for Friday: The threat for coastal flooding continues through next two high tide cycles, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 7:30 p.m. from 9:30 p.m. along the Atlantic Ocean. (High tide occurs later along the back bays and tributaries.) With water rise of about 1.5 feet, any flooding is expected to be in the "minor" category. And just like Thursday, the biggest threat will be the need for road closures along tidal waterways. Never attempt to drive, walk, or swim through flooded areas.

Weekend Improvements

Isolated showers will be possible for Friday night and Saturday, but we're actually looking mostly dry. I am incredibly excited to pass along that the golden orb known as the sun is expected to reappear in the sky for a bit on Saturday too! Temperatures will still get stuck just below normal, in the lower to mid 60s, but it will be a much more comfortable, drier, and less depressing day than we've seen lately.

There will be one more round of showers and thunderstorms early Sunday morning. That will occur ahead of a cold front that will push all the rain, the clouds, the coolness, and the dampness out and away from New Jersey. By Sunday afternoon, I believe we will enjoy mostly sunny skies and high temperatures approaching 70 degrees!

Next Week: Muddled

With high pressure building in for the beginning of next week, I think we'll squeeze out another nice day on Monday. Look for a mix of sun and clouds and statewide highs again near 70 degrees.

However, a warm front will rise through the Northeast U.S. midweek that will bring two noticeable impacts to New Jersey. The first, as the name implies, will be warmer temperatures. We'll see far more 70s on thermometers than anything else for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The second warm front impact will be the return of showery type rain. I don't think the models are resolving the timing, spread, and intensity of this rain very well at this time. So I don't want to get too specific about the forecast for next week. Just know that the air will feel much more like Spring, with alternating periods of warm and wet weather.

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