Frosty the Snowman wouldn't have stood a chance in the Garden State today as record-breaking high temperatures had Garden State residents trading in ugly Christmas sweaters for shorts and T-shirts.

Towns from North Jersey to South Jersey broke records dating as far back as the 1940s, according to the National Weather Service. Some records were smashed by at least 10 degrees.

In Newark, as of 4:38 p.m., a record high temperature of 71 degrees was recorded, breaking the previous record of 64 degrees set in 1990, the NWS reported. In addition as of 1 p.m., Haworth, at 70 degrees, broke it's record from 1941 when it was 61 degrees. In Atlantic City, visitors strolled down the boardwalk enjoying early afternoon temperatures of 69 degrees, breaking the 1982 record of 65. In Toms River as of 1 p.m., temperatures soared to 72 degrees from 62 degrees in 2008.

According to Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, a warm is carrying warm, humid air into New Jersey. Overnight low temperatures won’t fall below 60 degrees for much of the Garden State, on Christmas Eve, Zarrow said.

"Our current high temperature forecast for Thursday ranges from around 70 degrees in North Jersey to the mid 70s in South Jersey. That will be about 30 degrees above normal, and record highs will fall. In fact, I think we may blow some records out of the water by about 10 degrees… incredible," said Zarrow in his most recent blog.

New Jerseyans took to social media on Christmas Eve to talk about the weather. While some seemed to be enjoying the unseasonable temps, others missed the cooler, "Christmasy" weather.

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