Motor vehicle fatalities in New Jersey hit an all-time low last year.

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The New Jersey State Police reports there were 508 crashes resulting in 544 people dying on New Jersey roadways in 2013, an 8 percent drop from 2012 where there were 589 fatalities. The 2013 figure is the lowest number of deaths since NJSP began reporting the statistics over 30 years ago.

Traffic deaths have been cut in half since 1981, when 1,160 were recorded.

"Some of the reasons are better technology in vehicles, education, seatbelts are a huge reason why," said NJSP Sgt. Greg Williams.

Interestingly, seat belt usage took a big hit in 2012, falling to 88.3 percent from 94.5 the previous year. Though it's still above the national average of 86 percent, Williams said seat belt enforcement will be a focus in 2014.

"We will definitely be doing more 'Click It or Ticket,'" Williams said.

Additionally, Williams noted the importance of educating drivers of the dangers of using electronics behind the wheel.

"Enforcement is a key in deterring drivers from using these devices," Williams said.