I want to take this opportunity to let you know that late in Tuesday's 9AM hour, a former long-time chef from Sister Jean Webster's Kitchen in Atlantic City called into the program. His name is Frank and he advised that Sister Jean does not have a head stone on her grave site.

For purposes of brief background information, Sister Jean was an Atlantic City legend, who literally served tens of thousands of meals to the homeless over decades of public service; most recently at the First Presbyterian Church.

Sister Jean passed away as little more than two years ago. I found it unimaginable and unacceptable that Sister Jean did not have a proper head stone.

Chef Frank advised that the cost will be $750. Within 5 minutes on-air, we raised more than $800.

This is a case study in WPG Talk Radio 1450's philosophy and mission of serving our community.

In no time at all, we have raised the required funds to pay for Sister Jean Webster's head stone. My program raised more than $6,700 for Sister Jean's Kitchen in the past. She called her kitchen her "Home of Happiness."

Those making financial contributions today include: Senator Bill Gormley, Harry Hurley, Don Hurley, George Tibbitt, Mike Feador, Ken Mosca, Jan and Len Staller, and Steve Ortzman.

Thank you!