Secretary of Transportation Jim Simpson will reportedly step down as head of New Jersey's Department of Transportation.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

The Record cites multiple sources in reporting Simpson told DOT managers he will leave the job on June 6.

The report says his exit is his own decision. NJ DOT Chief of Staff Joseph Dee would not confirm his exit. He told the Record, "There is nothing for me or the department to say other than he's continuing to be on the job."

Simpson has been in the spotlight recently as the Pulaski Skyway reconstruction project got underway and for his handling of the late winter rock salt shortage. He has also taken on future funding of the state's Transportation Trust Fund and acknowledged obvious but unpopular options for future revenue streams.

“It’s the general fund if there’s any opportunity in the general fund. It’s tolling, motor vehicle taxes, registration fees. Everything involves a word that nobody wants to hear which is the ‘T’ word of tax or user fee,” Simpson said.

Simpson heads a number of agencies as commissioner including chairman of NJ Transit, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, the South Jersey Transportation Authority and the Transportation Trust Fund Authority.

Kevin McArdle contributed to this report.