It's the moment Jersey Shore communities have been waiting for: Results of an annual poll on the state's favorite beaches will be released Thursday afternoon in Asbury Park.

(Toniann Antonelli, Townsquare Media NJ)

The "State of the Shore" report by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium asks voters each year to decide on their favorite beach as well as their favorite beaches for day trips, eco-tourism and family vacations, according to executive director Claire Antonucci.

"People really put a lot of thought into their votes and they really put their love for New Jersey's beaches on the line," Antonucci said. "When people are speaking up for their favorite beaches, they're also speaking up for their knowledge of the science of our shorelines and how it affects really everything in our culture."

Antonucci was tight-lipped about the outcome ahead of Thursday's event, but did hint, "there are some changes, but there are some beaches who year after year, and rightfully so, come out on top."

She said the results include some old favorites and new entries to the game.

Antonucci said the NJSGC is excited about the involvement from communities.

"The towns, I feel, they really appreciate it," she said. "They think it's really credible. And a lot of them, the town administrators, reach out to the public and to the visitors, urging them to vote.

According to Antonucci, Asbury Park even put up billboards this year seeking support for the Favorite Beaches campaign.

In addition to benefiting Jersey Shore communities, Antonucci said the annual survey gives the environmentally-conscious group a chance to showcase its scientists to the public.

"New Jersey's people are more and more aware of the fact that they have been blessed with an incredible amount of beautiful beaches -- 130 miles of coast, that's really terrific," she said.

Thursday's event takes place at McLoone's Asbury Grille on Ocean Avenue at 11 a.m.