Cory Booker has decided to explore a run for U.S. Senate in 2014.

Cory Booker annouces intention to run for US Senate (YouTube)

In a annoucement on his Facebook and website, Booker says he will "explore the possibility" of running for US Senate in 2014 for the seat currently held by Frank Lautenberg.

In the video he says he will also include Lautenberg in his final decision about running.

“As I explore a run for the United States Senate, I look forward to consulting with Senator Frank Lautenberg," Cory Booker said on a video posted to his web page Thursday afternoon. "It would be a privilege, an honor to continue his legacy of service.”

"No one is going to fight harder than me for the entire Democratic ticket, from top to bottom."

Booker says he will fill his term as Mayor in 2014. "Newark is my city. This is my state. And I intend to be of service to them both, now and for the rest of my life."

Booker had said in recent interviews he was considering a run against Republican incumbent Chris Christie in 2013 or a run for Senate and would make a decision by this week.

The 88-year-old Lautenberg has not offered any indication what he would do in 2014. Booker's second term as Mayor ends in 2014; he was first elected in 2006 after losing a run in 2002.

Recent polls have given Christie high favorability across party lines and demographics although Booker said he felt Chistie was "vulnerable."


Booker's decision remakes the Democrat field for the 2013 gubernatorial race.

Montclair State University political science professor Dr. Brigid Harrison said, “That changes the whole ballgame. What this means is we now have a wide open field for the nomination. I think that we’ll see, undoubtedly a contested primary.”

Some of the Democrats’ names being bandied about as possibilities to challenge Christie are former Governor and current State Senator Dick Codey, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald. State Senator Barbara Buono is still the only Democrat to officially announce a run against Christie.

“That top dog (Booker), the person who really was looked at as being the frontrunner is out of the race now,” said Harrison. “What that means is that the possibilities are limitless for those who are tossing their hat into the ring.”


Booker, a prolific user of Twitter with 1.3million followers, has yet to comment on his run other than to post a link to his website. "Looking forward to @CoryBooker's leadership (and tweets) in the Senate!" tweeted #summersong. Others were hoping he would continue on in Newark.