Emerging from bankruptcy protection with new leaders and much less debt, Atlantic City's newest casino is undergoing a makeover of its attitude and focus.

Flickr user Grant Guarino

Revel's new slogan is "Gamblers Wanted," and it's official name is now Revel Casino-Hotel. Gaming had always been in the mix of Revel's business plan, but management and marketing focused more on the resort options and its beachfront location.

"We're really repositioning the property for gamblers," said Jeff Hartmann, Revel's Chief Executive Officer. "This is a seismic change in how we do business."

The casino is offering promotions that would be hard for any gambler to turn down. For the whole month of July, slots losses will be completely refunded to any players' club cardholder. Revel is also matching any slots offers from the city's other casinos.

The immediate goal is to grab the casual gambler and those who are committed to gaming elsewhere. The long-term goal is to keep them playing at Revel.

Revel has been constantly ranking near the bottom of Atlantic City's 12 casinos in terms of casino revenue. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year.

"We didn't do a very good job in 2012, and we're asking for a second chance," Hartmann said, referring to this new approach as 'Revel 2.0.'

Revel recently scrapped its no-smoking policy as well - another tactic that could get more gamblers in the door.