The casinos that were open in both September, 2013, and September, 2014, saw an increase in revenue according to figures released today.

Including internet gambling revenue, which didn't exist a year ago, all of Atlantic City's casinos (including the properties that have closed) won just over $209 million in September -- that's down from around $240 million in September, 2013. When the casinos that have closed are removed from the equation, there was a 9.1 percent increase in revenue year-over-year ($207.7 million last month compared to $190.5 million in September, 2013).

Internet gambling took in $10.2 million in September, down $300,000 from August.

Comparing September, 2013, to last month, Borgata continues to financially dominate Atlantic City, posting a 13 percent increase in revenue. Golden Nugget had the largest percentage gain - its revenue is up 51.6 percent from a year ago.