As word broke on the Rutgers campus of charges against and the suspension of five active Rutgers football players, students were quick to note they're tired of being the focus of bad news in the Garden State.

Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ

"You don't hear about a lot of the good things that come out of the school, whether it's research or community service," said senior Jackie Mendez, who has no remorse for her fellow students who have been charged in connection with a home invasion and/or an unprovoked street assault this past April.

"When they do things like these, it just makes the entire school look bad," added senior Jay Gangi. "(The players) should be more responsible because they are the face of the school."

Gangi supported the school's decision to suspend the alleged parties. The suspensions were announced shortly after the charges.

"I think it puts a bad light on Rutgers as a whole," junior Alexis Vivona said.

Her friend, Hallie, who has season tickets for Rutgers football, said this is bad timing for the program. The season launches Saturday afternoon at High Point Solutions Stadium.

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