Dozens of same-sex marriage supporters cheered, hugged and popped open bottles of Champagne to celebrate a judge's ruling that New Jersey must allow gay couple to wed.

Garden State Equality holds a celebration at their Montclair office (WNBC TV)

While the mood outside a Montclair church Friday night was celebratory, organizers say there is still a hurdle: Gov. Chris Christie plans to appeal the decision.

Troy Stevenson of Garden State Equality says he allowed "five minutes" of celebration before getting back to work.

Four of the plaintiffs in the case hugged and beamed. Through years Cindy Meneghin asked Maureen Killian, her high school sweetheart and partner of 39 years, to marry her again.

Plaintiffs Marsha Shapiro and Louise Walpin are ecstatic and say they want to marry as soon as possible.

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