Saturday Night Live took aim at former Rutgers University mens basketball coach Mike Rice with a coach that behaved even worse in practice.

Players serve Coach Kelly meals at mid-court (NBC)

Bill Hader hosted a segment of ESPN's Outside The Lines as guest host Melissa McCarthy played coach Shelia Kelly, the women's basketball coach at fictional Middle Delaware State who also hurled not only basketballs at players but also bricks & toasters while threatening to "cut off their ponytails."

"Kelly"  also launched basketballs at T-shirt guys sitting in the bleachers. Holding a baseball bat, Kelly instructed her players, while they wore roller skates, to  put the ball in the hoop "and I won't hit you with the bat."

Players also served Coach Kelly meals at mid-court during practice and then tossing the bread at them.

Athletic Director Bill Krenshaw (Tim Robinson) in an interview admitted that while all the players had complained to her about Kelly, Krenshaw said they are all getting a free education for being on the team and whole point of the program was to "make money."

Footage was shown of Coach Kelly entering a classroom and throwing basketballs at students and tasering a professor who asked Kelly to leave.

Coach Kelly hurls basketballs at students in a classroom (NBC)

Assistant Coach Kenny Walkins, played by Jay Pharoah, offered video of the coach's abuse to the Outside The Lines crew but the next day took back the offer and had a bandage on his nose. He told the show's host she was the "best coach" as she peered in a window during the interview.

Coach Kelly sat down for an interview with Hader and showed additional footage of her driving a golf cart at practice. She ultimatelty threw a basketball at the host who ended the segment with a bloody nose.