11 people were hurt when a school bus and several cars collided at a three-way intersection in Glendora on Wednesday morning.

School bus crash in Glendora (WCAU TV)
School bus involved in Glendora accident (WCAU TV)

The crash at the intersection of Black Horse Pike (Route 168), Front Street & Chews Landing Road took place around 9:30 a.m. according to WCAU TV which reports five seniors ranging in age from 65-90 were on the bus.

6 other cars were involved with the crash according to KYW TV. The intersection has no traffic lights.

WCAU TV reporter Cydney Long tweeted that at least two injuries are life threatening. One of the seriously injured was on the bus while the other was a woman trapped inside her car according to WPVI TV.

The small bus has the words "Archway Programs" on the side with a smashed-in front end. Archway Programs, according to their website, offers a number of individualized programs for special needs students age 8-21. Archway Chief Financial Officer Robert Posnick tells WCAU his company transports seniors as part of an agreement with Camden County.

Gloucester Township Police Deputy Chief David Harkins told WPVI that the seniors were being carried to a day program at the Camden County Senior Center in the Lakeland Complex in Gloucester Township."

New Jersey Fast Traffic reports Route 168 has been reopened in the area as are the ramps from Route 42 north and southbound to Route 168 at exit 10A.