August: It’s that time again…time to start stocking up on healthy back to school staples! Whole grains, protein, and fruits or veggies are a must for breakfast and lunch.

-Try Greek yogurt topped with fruit and granola!
-Whole grain cereal, such as cheerios, with a banana and low-fat milk.
-Scrambled eggs with veggies on a slice of whole wheat toast!
-Celery sticks, carrots, and bell pepper slices with low-fat dressing or even peanut butter are easy vegetables to store in a lunch box.
-What about 2oz of cheese with grapes and whole-grain crackers?
-Low-sodium turkey and vegetable wrap using a 100% whole-wheat tortilla!
-Peanut butter and apple sandwich on whole wheat bread. YUM!
-Or top a salad with fresh berries or dried fruit and a hardboiled egg or chicken breast!
For more Free, healthy tips, contact me, Jesse Tannehill, the in-store Dietitian of Somers Point ShopRite.