A 25-year-old man from Atlantic City has been arrested in connection with an aggravated assault in the city over the weekend where a woman was critically injured and a video of the attack was posted on Facebook.

A video originally posted on Facebook allegedly shows 25-year-old Iben Hunter of North Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Boulevard of Atlantic City, standing in front of the woman, who was sitting down, waving his arms around when he struck the woman in the face with a closed fist, causing her to fall backwards unconscious. As the woman is attacked and falls, the crowd sitting around here seemingly does nothing.

A detective with the Atlantic City Police Department interviewed the woman at ARMC-City's Intensive Care Unit over the weekend, but she was unable to complete the interview. Around the same time, a local newspaper reporter alerted police that the assault was caught on video and posted on Facebook. After police analyzed the video, a warrant was issued for Hunter, and he was arrested Monday morning at Kentucky and Arctic Avenues in the city. Hunter is being held on $100,000 bail.

We caution you that the video below is very graphic and may being to play automatically.