The rental market for summer 2013 could be described as "soft" in the spots hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy, but that means potential vacationers can still get a good deal.

Gov. Chris Christie suggested that people, even in-state, have short attention spans, and that could be a reason less people are willing to rent in certain Monmouth and Ocean county towns.

Lavallette shore house (Flickr User Affiliate)

"They remember what they saw in November," Christie said at the opening of Lavallette's boardwalk. "Our job is to now turn the page."

He admitted the Jersey shore rental market will be different this year, not only due to decreased demand, but the fact that would-be renters can still grab a decent home at a great price. For New Jersey, that's a rare occurrence at the end of May.

"They better do it this year because next year, they're not going to be able to do that. It's going to be back to having to come down here in the winter and getting it done," Christie explained.

In Atlantic and Cape May Counties, where Sandy didn't leave a devastating mark, rentals have been solid as usual. The demand could be even greater as folks choose to stay away from Monmouth and Ocean Counties in 2013, and head further south. Solid numbers should be known in the weeks ahead.

The Governor vaguely described New Jersey's current rental situation as "somewhere between perfect and bad."