As casino revenues continue to sag, officials in Atlantic City are planning a number of non-gambling attractions this summer, in the hopes of attracting more visitors.

(SeanPavonePhoto, ThinkStock)

In addition to beach volleyball tournaments and a sand-sculpting competition, there will also be several free concerts and a firefighter competition.

Tourists in AC think more does need to be done to attract families.

"You see over here, there's nothing but gambling and shopping, there's nothing for kids," one visitor said. "You see parents over here walking with their children, they can't even go on the casino floor because they're not allowed to. You need a water park here for the kids. It's not just only for gamblers."

Another tourist agreed, saying:

There is so much to do for young people, clubs, bars, casinos, but you see parents with strollers and there's nothing to do about kids."

A woman nearby chimed in, saying "a lot of casinos have the over-21 pools, which are nice, but you bring your kids down and they can't go into the pool area."

"I think they need a circus, like Las Vegas," said another visitor, "because it's hours of fun. If they had that I would go there."

Another man said "their advertising is great, 'Do AC' -- the signs coming in on the Atlantic City Expressway makes it very inviting, but I think it should be more family-oriented. It seems that what's here is just for adults."