The names and addresses of gun owners in New Jersey would be prohibited from being released to the public under legislation that's being sponsored by State Assemblyman Dave Rible.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

The move comes after a New York newspaper published such information and planned to release more names and addresses.

"It's a public safety issue. You're talking about keeping the information of legal gun owners out of the newspapers and out of the media," said Rible, a former police officer. "The information belongs in the eyes of law enforcement only. Publishing such information not only gives the criminals a blueprint for obtaining guns, but it also provides those criminals who want to seek revenge on law enforcement with a handy map right to their front doors. Publishing the addresses of law-abiding gun owners, including police officers, is both irresponsible and dangerous."

"Only a month ago, the Assembly unanimously passed a bill aimed, in part, at protecting the safety of lottery winners by allowing them to remain anonymous," said Rible. "It defies logic that someone who legally obtains a gun permit is not given the same protections from having their name and address splashed across a newspaper."

Rible is working with Assemblyman Ron Dancer to craft the legislation that would address this issue. They plan to introduce the measure this week.