Another year is drawing to a close and just like at the end of every December, we like to take a moment to reflect on the events that went down over the past 12 months. It's been a pretty weird year overall, between kids 'dabbing' for every picture they take, or creepy clowns terrorizing our neighborhoods.

Don't worry, the weirdness didn't stop there. There was a long list of weird things that went down right here in South Jersey this past year (most involving odd animal occurrences).

While there isn't time to look back on all of the strange things that happened around here, check out these six "only in South Jersey" bizarre stories.

  • 1

    Our favorite social media star/Great White Shark decided to pay our Jersey shore a visit. Mary Lee, the shark who has more followers and a better Twitter account than most people, stopped by our South Jersey waters this May, making the big announcement of her arrival via a tweet. Weird? Scary? We're not sure either.

    Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
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    There was a helicopter over the ocean with a woman dangling off of a hula hoop doing somersaults. Oh, the sights you see in Atlantic City. Cool thing was that it was Erendira Wallenda setting a world record.

  • 3

    Dinosaurs, a giraffe, a giant apple, dragons, a brass cow...all this AND MORE decorate the side of the road outside of this odd mansion that is up for sale to anyone who can get past the oddly decorated wall of trinkets.

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    Flat, floppy and wrinkly this SIX FOOT LONG fish was caught (unfortunately dead) near Atlantic City. It is literally the weirdest fish in the world according to

    Mikael Damkier/ThinkStock/TSM
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    The Atlantic City Beach Concert cancellations due to good ole Mother Nature, who blessed our Labor Day Weekend with beautiful rain and wind, is the definition of "only in South Jersey". Weird weather, weird South Jersey.