If you use the Atlantic City Expressway and don't pay the toll(s), you might be in for a rude awakening starting Sunday.

Beginning this Sunday, May 1st, New Jersey State Police will be working in conjunction with the South Jersey Transportation Authority for their annual toll violation enforcement program.

Atlantic City Expressway sign / Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

In a press release, SJTA Executive Director Stephen F. Dougherty said, "We've identified specific interchanges along the Atlantic City Expressway which historically have a higher than average violation rate. This program will ensure those drivers who deliberately attempt to avoid paying their fair share will be issued a summons on the spot."

Since the SJTA doesn't use state tax money to maintain the Expressway, Dougherty went on to say, "it is imperative violators, especially repeat offenders, are identified and fined."

The added police presence by troopers at various toll plazas will also serve different purposes besides catching toll cheats. The SJTA hopes people will slow down at toll plazas and avoid texting while driving.

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