Each snow event in New Jersey means more money out the door for local governments.

Flickr User Anthony Quintano

This winter has been a bit more active than usual, compared to recent years past, and it's putting a strain on some towns' budgets.

All municipalities have a line item in their Public Works budget devoted to prepping the roads for winter storms and cleaning them afterwards, but it's virtually impossible to predict how much money will be needed. If personnel and equipment costs go beyond what's budgeted, towns may end up reaching into the pockets of other programs and services.

"It may very well mean that as you get into the summer months, you may have to reduce the number of programs," explained Bill Dressel, executive director of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.

Dressel admitted mayors and other local officials cringe at the thought of an impending storm, but safety comes first, and the priority is "to protect and provide for your citizenry and your businesses."