There's no significant wind expected on Monday, but some rain and snow showers will accompany a wide range of temperatures from North Jersey to South Jersey.

After a weekend of ferocious winds and chilly temperatures, we have more active, ever-changing weather in our forecast. Ladies and gentlemen, big swings in temperature and precipitation is exactly what springtime in New Jersey is all about!

So far on this Monday morning, a mix of rain and snow showers have been pushing through North Jersey. Yes, snow! Don't panic though - any accumulation will limited to a healthy coating, on cold surfaces only, in and around Sussex County.

Additional showers - mostly rain - are expected throughout Monday, again especially in the northern part of the state.

A heavier band of rain is forecast to push from northwest to southeast Monday afternoon. A period of torrential downpour and/or a few rumbles of thunder will be possible from this line.

Meanwhile, Monday's temperatures will vary greatly from one side of the state to the other. North Jersey will see chilly high temperatures only in the upper 40s to lower 50s. The middle of the state will end up near 60 degrees. And in South Jersey, thermometers will push 70 degrees today.

Lingering rain and snow showers will be possible for Monday evening, before clearing skies take over. Overnight temperatures will fall below freezing for most of the state, to the upper 20s to lower 30s. Since it's now April, a Freeze Warning has been posted for these unusually cold temperatures, mainly as a heads-up for farmers and gardeners to protect their plants.

Tuesday looks quite cold, with a brisk wind returning. Gusts may reach 35 to 40 mph. Meanwhile, high temperatures will range from 39 to 44 degrees across the state - that's about 15 degrees below normal for early April. At least skies will be nice and sunny.

Wednesday and Thursday feature a nice warmup, with highs near 50 and near 60 degrees, respectively. The only hiccup midweek will be a round of showers and thunderstorms from late Wednesday through the daytime hours on Thursday.

Don't get used to the more seasonable temperatures, however. Another cooldown is forecast for Friday and next weekend, with highs returning to the chilly 40s.

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