Finding enough lifeguards to man New Jersey's beaches continues to be a problem for some shore communities, especially during certain times of the season.   

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

According to Steve Stocks, chief of the Wildwood Beach Patrol, staffing lifeguards is not a problem early in the season because while it's usually crowded on Memorial Day weekend, the crowds don't return until the middle of June.

In addition, Stocks said the colder water temperatures keep a lot of swimmers out of the water.

Staffing becomes a bigger issue in August though when many lifeguards return to college according to Capt. Mike Veracierta, with the Seaside Park Beach Patrol.

Veracierta said staffing shortages in August is a complaint he shares with many of his colleagues up and down the Jersey Shore.

To fill staffing shortages in August, Veracierta uses a variety of methods like switching to a six-day schedule and enlisting the help of older lifeguards.

"I will always lean toward the side of overstaffing and having plenty of guys, as opposed to trying to get by," Veracierta said.