Amidst a decision by the Governor to declare an Executive Order allowing the construction of dunes on property even where easements weren't signed, and the state's decision to award a one dollar settlement to the Harvey Cedars couple who sued over obstructed views, the attorney for the couple says both rulings will not deter his clients.

Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

Peter Wegener, of the Lakewood-based firm of Bathgate, Wegener, and Wolf, represents Harvey and Phyllis Karan, and says though his clients accepted the one dollar settlement, his other clients will continue fighting.

He notes in an instance of eminent domain, property owners are still entitled to receive fair value for the land being taken by the government. He adds that even though the Karan's didn't receive a substantial settlement, every case will be judged on its own merit.

"Juries are going to be instructed to make their determination based on the evidence in the case," he explains.

He believes the Karan's case was affected by a PR campaign directed against them, but notes it won't be like that for others.

"The one dollar settlement in this case means absolutely nothing as it affects properties going forward."