Time Magazine recently did a study where they looked at every county in the country to determine who is safest and most at-risk for natural disasters. For us here in South Jersey, we didn't fare too well.

In fact, Time Magazine named Ocean County, NJ, the most dangerous county in the entire nation for natural disasters -- that's quite eye-opening since we don't typically see earthquakes like California, tornadoes like Kansas, or lots of hurricanes like Florida.

Time Magazine's rankings are calculated from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's storm events database, which includes all kinds of natural disasters dating back several decades.

As for other counties in South Jersey -- Cape May County is the third most dangerous county in the nation, Monmouth County is #4, Burlington County is #7, Atlantic County is #12, and Camden County is #15.

So where do you move if you want to be safe from natural disasters? Pack your bags and head to Sweet Grass County, Montana, which is as peaceful and picturesque as it sounds. Apparently, not a damn thing happens there.

Why are so many counties around here so dangerous? Time says South Jersey is subject to frequent coastal flooding (more than you might think), heat waves (except this summer), rip currents, wildfires/forest fires, damaging winds from thunderstorms, and tropical storms like Sandy.