Matthew Camp is a commercial fisherman and works aboard a boat that is based out of Cape May...

According to the Cape May County Herald, yesterday morning, September 9th, he cashed a $12,000 paycheck, put the money in a backpack, jumped on his motorcycle, and headed south on the Garden State Parkway.

Apparently, sometime during the ride, the zipper on that backpack broke and cash fluttered all over the Parkway.

When he realized what happened, he very quickly jumped back on his bike and retraced his steps. Some Parkway workers, who were cleaning-up some litter, picked-up about $4,000 cash and returned it to the guy. Those workers witnessed two guys in a silver Dodge pick-up truck stop and pick-up a big chunk of the money.

According to the article, there will be a reward for information or return of the lost money.

If you found any of the money or know anything about the guys in the silver truck who grabbed some of the cash, call the Lower Township Police Department at (609) 886-1619.