A recall of SpaghettiOs has been issued across the country due to a potential choking hazard.

In a statement, Camden-based Campbell Soup said customers called the company consumer hotline to alert them about small red plastic pieces they had found inside SpaghettiOs Original cans.

Campbell's said there were only a small number of affected cans and that the plastic material is from parts of the inside can lining which may peel off. The company said not to eat the product.

Customers with the affected 14.2 ounce SpaghettiOs Original product should return them to the store where it was purchased. The affected cans have a date of February 22, 2017 which is stamped on the base of the can, and a UPC code of 51000 22432 printed under the bar code.

The recall affects  355,000 cans of SpaghettiOs.

"Please don't eat this product," the company wrote in a Facebook message about the recall.