Former Philadelphia television sportscaster Donald Tollefson has been charged in what authorities say is the theft of more than $100,000 meant to go to charitable organizations.


Don Tollefson turns himself into Warminster, PA police (6 ABC)

Bucks County prosecutors allege that Tollefson fraudulently solicited money for charities including the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, the Salvation Army and the Brad Fox Foundation and then misappropriated the money, victimizing more than 100 people.

Tollefson is charged with felony theft and dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activity as well as misdemeanor violations of state law governing charities. Investigators say anyone else allegedly victimized should call Warminster Township police.

Tollefson's attorney Michael McGovern told the Philadelphia Daily News in December that any allegedly misappropriated money was due to "organizational failures" on his client's part, "not malice, not avarice and certainly not criminal conduct."


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