The Revel remake plan is well underway after getting the green light from the state and a bankruptcy court, and this time, Atlantic City watchers are hoping they get it right.

Flickr user Grant Guarino

Roger Gros, of "Global Gaming Business" magazine, says Revel is keen on undoing everything they were doing wrong up to this point.

Looking forward, they have hired a new consultant, Randall Fine, to broaden Revel's appeal with a strong gaming focus. They will also open up part of the casino to smokers and open new restaurants and ramp up their entertainment.

Revel hopes by allowing smoking on 25 percent of the gaming floor, it'll be another way to help increase revenue.

Gros says the whole town hopes the makeover works.

"The Revel success is very important for Atlantic City. The other casinos are really rooting for it to come on and be the success that they hoped it would be."

"You know, everyone deserves a second chance," said Revel's interim CEO Jeffrey Hartmann. The Casino Control Commission will also be closely watching that 'second chance.'

Gros says it is all about understanding what customers want and attracting them.