Frigid cold means soaring heating bills. But, what if you cannot afford to keep warm? New Jersey has help available to those who need it.

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Ana Montero, of the State Community Affairs Department, says there are two main programs, the Low Income Energy Assistance program, or "LIHEAP" and the "Universal Service Fund," administered in partnership with the State Board of Public Utilities. They do have eligibility requirements and and they are income-based.

She says there is other help available, too.


"Every program has a different requirement, however if they call 211. 211 can connect them to other potential assistance."

There is emergency fuel assistance that is available to individuals up to approximately 450 dollars, and that would be for an emergency situation

Montero says the different heating bill assistance program in New Jersey are administered with the help of 27 different groups statewide.

She says, "These are organizations that are throughout the state, in the neighborhoods where individuals will normally go to seek assistance."

For information, you can log on to the website, or simply call 211.

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