Some kids rent a limo to take them to the prom, others use their parents' car, but not many get there in the back of a New Jersey State Police cruiser.

Edward Fengya and Reno D’Agostini, both 17-year-old students at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School's MATES school, got into an accident on May 6 on the southbound Garden State Parkway heading to Long Beach Island, according to police. There were no injuries but the car, which belonged to Fengya's mother, was not driveable.

Police said Trooper I Chris Jones, one of the responding officers, thought it would be "shocking and cool" to take the them to the prom in their marked cruiser. When Jones and Trooper II Charles Garrison arrived, they took the boys to the chaperones and asked, "Hey, do these two belong to you?”

"Both boys’ moms were quite impressed with the conduct and professionalism of Troopers Jones and Garrison," State Police said.

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