Officials with New Jersey State Police in Cape May County are asking for your help in cracking a credit card theft ring.

During several weeks in October, a number of people have attempted to purchase gift cards with multiple credit cards, that are often declined.

Detectives are investigating seven separate incidents involving five unidentified suspects. On each occasion, the suspect attempts to buy a gift card worth the maximum amount of $500 using multiple credit cards. In most instances, the credit cards are declined, however, there have been two suspicious purchases worth more than $1000. In all of the instances, the suspects attempt to conceal their identity by hiding their face behind a cell phone or having a hat pulled down low over their eyes. Additionally, they purchase a greeting card as well as other smaller low-priced items. A total of 18 credit cards have been either used or attempted, and no card has been used more than once.

If you can provide information on the incidents described above, you're urge to call Trooper Jay Amato at the Woodbine Station at (609) 861-5698. Anonymous tips are welcome.