Most New Jersey State Police troopers are patrolling state highways and byways, but some are also monitoring waterways and shore areas.

"The New Jersey State Police Marines Services Bureau has a variety of different water craft, and they routinely patrol bridges, and other critical infrastructure sites like chemical and nuclear power plants," said State Police Lut. Stephen Jones. "But they also do regular inspections. They'll be checking boats to make sure proper safety equipment is on board."

He said any kind of an accident or emergency on our territorial waters will have the State Police involved in the response.

Jones pointed out troopers on patrol approach people, and they're going to be documenting all those interactions.

"We're going to be working with federal Homeland Security, and passing that information up. They'll also be patrolling around some of the bridges to make sure there are not people doing things they shouldn't be doing, even down to taking pictures of critical infrastructure in a way that seems suspicious," Jones explained.

He also said at this time of year the Marine Services Bureau is keeping an eye on duck hunters who may get themselves in trouble.

"They may be getting stranded, maybe running out of gas, maybe going missing. So we're going to be using some specialty boats to get into those barely navigable waterways to rescue people who may get stranded."