The backroom political maneuvers have already begun following the death today of U. S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) (YouTube)

Who will Gov. Chris Christie appoint to the seat? Will there be a special election this November. Who will run against whom? There are conflicting interpretations of how succession works. One thing is for sure. State Senate President Steve Sweeney is not interested.

“No, I’m not considering this,” says Sweeney. “What I’m considering right now is dealing with the state budget, dealing with elections for the legislature. As the Senate President I have a responsibility to my colleagues to try to bring them back and I’m going to work real hard for that.”

Who will Democrats put up to run for Lautenberg’s seat either in a special election this year or in the general election in 2014? It depends on who Christie appoints according to Sweeney.

“If it’s (the election) this November it’s a very short term,” explains Sweeney. “If it’s next  November it’s 14 months so it really, really truly depends.”